Homework for July 6



50years ago, we all had, on occasions, some wonderful time in the parks near our homes, enjoying the gift of the nature to adjust emotions as well as increasing happiness.


However, nowadays, elderly people (sarcastically, they were young 50 years ago), are addicted to internet. And many people believe that VR makes social media more addictive. They even prefer going to virtual park at home to taking the Express to the actual park though there are more than two ten-step-far parks beside every block.

Dr. Tang, who is famous for inventing the world-wide social media –TangTang, now is suffering from the fact that he is addicted to the website made by himself.

“I am 70 years old, and not so healthy”, Tang said, “but I cannot help using VR device toenjoy the bless of the nature.”

“The expected life decreased because elderly people lack of exercise, enteraction and entertainment”, a doctor in China who denied to be named said,” and of most importance, they are not getting any deep-seated happiness. (They only get surfaced and stimulated happiness.)”


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